I have a problem concerning with tables and object.
I actually have a menu:
*About Us - Profile|Developer
*What's New?
*Features and Amenities - Enjoy life|Site Development Map|Image Gallery|Testimonials
*Reserve Now

So under "About Us" menu it contains submenus: Profile|Developer. So when i point my cursor to "About Us" the submenus pops-out, now below the menu is an <object> or a flash animation, so the problem now is the submenus cannot be seen because of the <object>. The submenus are actually now placed at the back of the <object>. Can anyone help me now on this problem? I tried using the z-index but it doesn't work.


I think this is the same problem as the one reported here.

After a bit of research I found a completly "unguessable" solution ....

There's an indication that swfs can be forced into the DOM as per regular html elements such that they will obey css z-index. Default behaviour is to sit on top of everything else regardless of z-index.

Try inserting these special attributes into your object/embed tags:

<object .....>
<param name="wmode" value="transparent">
<embed ..... wmode="transparent" .....><object .....>
<param name="wmode" value="transparent">
<embed ..... wmode="transparent" .....>

This proved to be good in IE, FF and Opera.

There's a working example here.


So am I still going to set the z-index of my table to a certain value? Cuz i tried inserting the attributes that you gave still the submenu tables are behind the <object>.

Oh!! My bad!! It works, i just missed something. Whew! that was fast and helpful. Thanks alot! You solved my problem. :d