I am confused (seems that happens a lot) by the disappearance of flash content on my website when refreshing the browser. The issue ONLY appears in IE (go figure...); I have no issues with Firefox, Safari, or Chrome. If I delete my cache, the site loads correctly; if I subsequently refresh or return to the page, the flash content lives up to its name: it flashes - then it disappears.

Any suggestions on what might cause this anomaly in IE8 would be greatly appreciated. The errant page in question is found at http://www.bkbfightclub.com/welcome.htm

I'm not sure what's causing the problem, but it also occurs in IE7!

I usually use firefox, but I took a peek at the site in IE7 (nice site BTW!) and had exactly the same problem you described in IE8.

The page flashed up and then disappeared and IE showed an error saying that it couldn't load the page..refreshing didn't work..going back/forwards and entering the URL manually didn't work either.

I deleted my cache and reloaded the page and lo and behold it worked...

The only difference I had in IE7 was that afterwards I could refresh the page and navigate away and return to it with no problem. So it only happened the first time for me!

Viewing the source, everything looks more or less ok..I can't see anything obvious in there!
Perhaps it's a bug in IE. It may be worth having a look on the Microsoft site to see if it's a known issue and if there are any workarounds...

Alternatively, perhaps put a front page/intro on your site (one of those 'click here to enter' kinda deals) with a disclaimer stating that the site is best viewed using ANYTHING other than IE, or perhaps more something more constructive like instructing IE users to delete their cache if the site fails to load for them!

Other than that, I'm pretty much out of ideas!

Cheers for now,

I discovered the issue: Aweber's javascript for an opt-in was killing IE. Remming the code didn't help - it had to be deleted completely. I have a tech call in to Aweber to see what the conflict is about.


Placing the Aweber code prior to any Flash content seems to have solved the issue.