In this tutorial you will learn how to colorize or change hair color using Adobe Photoshop. To do that follows some steps.

This is the image I'm gonna take use for this project.

Open the image of which you want to colorize hair then click on the channels tab on the layers palette.

And duplicate the blue channel by right clicking and choosing duplicate channel on the channel.

Click o.k. in the duplicate channel dialogue box.

Turn the visibility off of the channels other than the blue copy channel by clicking on the eye icon on the channels palette and start working on the duplicated channel

From tools palette select dodge tool

Set these options for this tool.

Now highlight the image other than the hair. You can also change the exposure of the tool as needed.

Now from tools palette again select burn tool.

Set the settings for the burn tool

Now burn the image using this tool

After burning the hair click on the Channel by holding down the Ctrl key.

It will make selection of the channel.

And turn the visibility on of the other channels and click on the layers tab. Press Ctrl J to make a new layer with selected area and turn the visibility off of the original image.

Now use eraser tool to erase the area other than the hair.

Now from the layers palette click on the effects button and choose color overlay from the drop down list.

Set the blend mode to hue and click o.k. turn the visibility on of the original image

Click on the color box and select your own color for the hair.

And see the color of the hair has successfully changed to different color.

You can also change the hair color to any color you want by clicking on the color box and selecting color from the color picker.

Hope this has been helped to you. Send your comments.

To see the video of this tutorial click here

hey I like the green one..amazing colors.. more power!

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