Hi to the good people on Daniweb and thanks for all your time and help... you rock!!
Now what I'm am about to ask I know is very basic and probably soooooo obvious but I have tried to figure it out on my own and I have failed so with a tonne of embarrasment I continue... :rolleyes:
I have created a slideshow presentation in Powerpoint, it is the first time I've used the program and it came out quite well so I am pleased.
However I do not know how to save it so that it opens just as the slide show presentation.
I mean that right now I open it, it opens on the main page, where you can add slides and edit etc.etc.
I want to save it just as the slide show so I can send it to people and use it just as the slide show which when they open the file it starts on the first slide and finishes on the last slide. I am hoping you are understanding me and my very un techie talk
I appreciate you time and help.

Hmm never used this so..... (im not sure)

go to Slide Show
choose Online Broadcast
choose Record and Save a Broadcast

Like I said I've never used Powerpoint so I'm not sure.

OK I figured it out so thXXX and everybody probably already knows how to do it but for those who don't:
save as : file type : powerpoint show
hah hah