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I have created a PHP page using CSS for styling. It looks great in IE. However, in Firefox, it is just a mess. Here is the link to the page:


Any ideas? Should I develop for Firefox, then try and fix for IE? Or, the other way around?

Thanks in advance,


Yeah, it looks as it should on IE.

All container elements are broken in Netscape based browsers.
This is known as a bleeding fox syndrome bug, or "fox on fire behaviour".
It will drop everything out of it container.
You'll be forced to manually set the height of each container element so it'll look as if its holdin it.

  • The div id=search will need the height of exactly 20px.
  • The div id=search2 will need the height of at least 22px.
  • The div id=top of the class=section will need the minimum height of 160px.
  • The div id=middleedit of class=section will need the height of 512px.
  • The div id=middle of class=section will need the same height of 512px. ! and try floating it too.

This should fix it.
Just remember that containers act as if they're inline elements in Netscape children too.


Thanks for your reply! 98% better now:


Just a few more sizing tweaks and it should look the same on IE. Any idea how I can get a bit of spacing above the "Or, pick from a list of PC's to display on the map: " text without having to add a <br>?

Thanks again.


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