Hi everyone,
I am Nandoo,I am new to this webDeveloping so plz take me ease.
I am having a problem in generation of fields dynamically.let me give the detail

My page should have a single button(with name add),whenever a click that button it should give a select list along with two text box and the text box values should be changing whenever i select the listed elements.

It would be ease for u all but please let me know how to solve i am trying for the past 3 days.
Thanks in advance.

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The typical way to do this is to create all the controls you need in the original document. You set the CSS Visibility property to "hidden" for the controls you don't want to show.

Then, code for some event (like a button click). The event handler would set the visibility property to "visible" for the controls you want to now show.

The other approach is to set the .innerText or .innerHTML property of a container element, such as a DIV.

If you search for ".innerHTML", you should find all the samples you need.

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