Yea, I still use 98 version. I like it's interface better.
Anyway, I have a frontpage web using shared borders. If I edit the right border html file, I have open all my pages and click save for the newly updated border to show up. Is there a simple way where all my pages can be updated at once? I kinda that was the point of shared borders.

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I don't use Front Page, but am a forum member at a site where most of the users do.
It is my understanding that shared borders have one file that is referenced across multiple pages. Any time you make a change to that shared border, it will update across all pages that access that shared border.

If it is not working make sure that you have shared borders tured on for all the pages.

I am not so sure about that Lori. I think that FrontPage just works that way ... at least from what I remember of it. It's true that shared borders carry across all pages. However, I'm pretty sure that the shared border on any given page isn't updated until the page is opened for editing from within FrontPage. There might be an option somewhere, like there is in Macromedia Dreamweaver 4/MX's common templates, that updates all pages simultaneously at the click of a button ... however, it must be manually invoked.


Your reply has me more then confused....

You say that "FrontPage just works that way" - but I do not understand what you are saying here --- Shared borders is a FP specific element, and the only way that they are editable, is of course within that said software.

With that said, his original post title is "FrontPage98 help with shared borders" which in turn leaves me to believe that he is using FrontPage 98 for creation/and editing of his said project, therefore making your statement about editing within FP mute.

Some clarification on your response is definatlely desired on this end so that maybe I can understand what your point was.

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