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Hello everyone,
I'm writing my degree-thesis (so I'm one step from graduation yay) about web photo galleries (especially flash galleries). Does anyone know any good sites where I can get some tips and stuff like that?

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On how to write a thesis?
Just interviewed a PhD about three weeks ago who sits on a council to approve people's thesis for graduation at a major university. One of the top things I remember was to emulate the structure of people who were successful and avoid the mistakes of people who were unsuccessful. 2) Know what you are talking about and be prepared to show full knowledge of the subject, when defending. 3) Work with your advisor/mentor and follow the advice.

Examples of good flash photo galleries?
I think these are very nice examples of flash photo galleries:

I'm a year and a half into my thesis at the moment.

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I was thinking of tips on web galleries but thanks ;)

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I don't understand, whats do you want? If you need any technical tips you can, otherwise GOOGLE is there. Please search.....

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I was wondering does anyone know any good sites to recommend about the topic??

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