how do you transfer text from a text box on one to another on a diferent page of html program. text is name,phone,address ond so on

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How do you mean? You just want to pass information from a form on one page to another page which will use that information? I think you probably want GET/POST methods:


i want to make a site with multiple pages that asks questions,starting with name: and put results all together at the end in a single page format.
heres what i have so far:

<form action="link to endpage">
<input name="appname"
<input type="submit">
<p>Name:<textarea rows="1" cols="0"name="appname"></textarea>
<input type="submit...>

after submit button is pushed,the page does change from info page to end page,but name is not added.
im trying to do this on end page
<p>Name:<then something like enter "appname" here>
preferrably seamless without text boxes on end page

<p>Name:<"appname" from info page>

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Well, what does your actual "endpage" code look like? Your formaction should not only contain the link to the endpage, but also a method (probably "POST", but "GET" is also viable but unwieldy). That should get your information passed to the endpage OK, but then you need to process it.

This page has some information about CGI/PERL processing of forms (what you need to do on your "endpage" and this one has some ASP stuff to do the same.

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