Hi everyone,

I am back with new problem.here i have attached 3 bmp files please watch it closely.
In support1.bmp there is a plus sign on clicking this plus sign i should get the excel sheet as shown in support2.bmp
these pictures are from the excel sheet only.since cls is not possible to upload here i did by means of bmp.
i want to provide this kind of hierarchial structure in webapplication ?
which way would be better for me to proceed either java script or DOM or anything else??
and how to create a tree like structure in web application please
help me...

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i am having an .xls sheet.In that excel sheet the structure would be like the file i attached(support1).in the first column there would be a plus symbol.on clicking the plus symbol the structure of my xls changes to the one i attached(support2).
this idea i want to implement in the web application.

help me.....
Thanks & regards