Hello everyone!!
I'm doing a webpage in Dreamweaver, just using HTML and
CSS. I made navigation buttons using Flash and inserted it into website, but it looks a bit messy, so I'm wondering is there a way to put my navigation buttons in other HTML file and just link it to the page??


Are you after an intermediate page?
What is messy about it? have you put it online yet?

No, it's not online yet. Only intermediate parts are the buttons and lighbox gallery, but when I implement buttons in page there is a lot of code and it's not easy to manage. And because I'm only designing page and somebody else will come after me I was wondering is there a way to keep code neat??

google for css menu
navigation is another of many things flash is not good at
similar button effects can be made with css, much smaller, no overhead, no third party stuff that may not be installed on the users pc
there are even sites where you can create your menu and they will create the css and html includes for you

Thanks a lot Bob, I like making buttons in Flash because I can add all sorts of stuff to them but this time I have to think about somebody who will work on this page after me so I really would like it to be neat

I agree, maintaince is a b**expletive deleted**
the buttons on this page, like
'flag to quote'
drop down oncllick menus
function on different states are all css,
the possibilities approach flash, and it is much simpler to maintain
(here comes the BUT)
But it has another learning curve