Hi, I have been through many different CMS programs, but I dont really know which one will give me what I need. I have designed a site. I have a page which I would like to have as a "for sale" page, basically where I can go through a back office of sort by logging in through the site and then having a title, short description, price and image upload template. When you click save it must upload to the website page for all to see. quick and simple. But I cant seem to find the right CMS for this. I need it to work on the page of my site that is on a host server. So just to be clear I have a site on a host server that I want to go into with a user name and password block through my site and then add text and prices and pics and then save to have it change the look of the page on my website. Does anyone have any idea of what I can do to make this happen. I am very new at this so please help with very explanatory step by step instructions or guide me to somewhere where I may find this.


What CMS' have you tried? I would imagine Joomla could do this. If not by default, there are also extensions you can install to meet your specific needs.