Sorry that this is such a basic question. I'm a total beginner, trying to teach myself JS so I'd appreciate any advice or even if someone could recommend a good site for newbies. The books I have aren't very good and I usually end up doing things by trial and error which probably isn't a good idea :) What I'm trying to do is very simple. I'm trying to write a short piece of code that will accept an input code from a user which has to be 8 characters long and all alphabetic and upper case. Making sure there is 8 characters is fine, I've got that bit :lol: I'm trying to get my head around the For statements. I can get it to accept a code with one uppercase letter, but have had a total mind block and can't get it to accept all uppercase letters between a-z.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as it's really annoying me now. I've probably done more complicated stuff but for some reason can't figure this one out.

Since you're learning, which is fantastic, I won't give you a complete answer. I think you should research "Regular Expressions", often referred to as "regex".

cant help bt im still new to this js also . good luck