Hope this makes sense? (P.S my initial post was lost?)

By no stretch of the imagination am I a graphic editor, but I am wanting to replace/change the logo on a rather plain gradient colored wallpaper in windows with another logo. But the logo I have has a white background color. If it were a gif that was transparent I can make it work on the web, but not on a bitmap/jpg.

Is there any software that would allow me to do this? Photoshop, Paintshop, or Fireworks?

Thanks......for any suggestions?

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Open it into Photoshop, select the whole image and copy it into the clipboard. Goto File -> New. Photoshop will automatticly select the proper size for you, just make sure the "Transparent" radio button is selected.

When you have the new image open, paste the clipboard. Take the "Select Similar" tool (looks like a wand with a * on top). On the top adjust the tollerance to 1, and if it says something about Anti-Alasing, check it. Next, click on a white area of the logo. Now "cut" that (Edit -> Cut). The whitespace should now have become transparent.

When all the whitespace is gone, save the image as a GIF file.

This all should work, but the names may be a little different. Thats the risk you need to take when you're to lazy to open up Photoshop and get the proper names of the tools ;-). (This is all from my memory.. lol)

Hope this helps!

Thanks Tekmaven.

Good memory. It worked....sort of, just have to play with it I guess.

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