Hey Everyone (sorry not really sure the appropriate place to put this thread)

Hope you're all rosey, i don't know if anyone can help me but i have a rather frustrating issue in Photoshop 7

i have used lighting effects (omni and spotlight), across varies layers on an image and everythings fine and smooth. However when i send this image via an application (email, site uplaod), the render lines suddenly appear really visable and messy. However the exact same image that i sent out when opened in photoshop looks fine. The image is an RGB jpeg saved at 10 compresion, in a 8bit channel.

I'm tearing my hair out with this if anyone can help i'll shower you in sherbert

I've attached the image in the coffee house thread so i imagine the problem will resurface here

thanks for any help


Try opening the image using the software most likely to view it. If it looks great in photoshop, but like crap in a browser or other image viewer than you you should be the first to know. :)

hey fella

not sure i entiley understand, but i imported the iamge into word (hardly known for handerling imags), and it's fine. So perhaps it's somthing that happens when being ecoded for the net

any ideas