i have flash mx pro 2004 and want to make an animated dvd menu how can i do this (sorry i could not find a better forum to put this in and thought people here would know flash)

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You could definately make a menu that plays the DVD, however i have no idea if you can acctually get it to work in a DVD player...:(

yeah i have thought of that too i might just use adobe encore and after effects to make the menu

It might be possible if you are playing the DVD on a PC, how ever i'm not sure a regular DVD to Television player will decode .swf :/

I have a friend who've made an animated dvd menu with flash to play DVDs on his Pc, dont think it worked on a DVD player though.

yah u can make dvd menus, when u publishpublish it as .mov

you can also publish flash menus director for dvds
but that would require a different software package id you don't already have it.

most dvd authoring programs allow you to import some sort of a video format so exporting to mpg/mov is always an option too

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