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Are you referring to the grunge effect on the lefthand bar?

Try getting some 'grunge' brushes for your photoshop, there's some free ones out there. I'll take a look and see if I can find the one I used to have.

~ Lacuna


Take a photo of a dirty grungy surface like an old table, wall, floor and so on.
Open it in photoshop and turn it into a black and white image (image -- adjustments -- desaturate)
Turn up the contast so there is good contrast between black and white.
Define it as a brush (image -- adjustments -- define brush preset) and voila, you have a new grunge brush!

You can also use the spatter filter on images and text to grunge them out.

or.. you can download premade brushes. Here's a decent site: http://www.dubtastic.com/resources.php


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