I also need help in creating a DROP DOWN MENU
for my website designs. I found this really cool drop down
menu that I like at http://www.1-dynamic-design.com
but I do not know HOW to create one.

The drop down menu is on their HOME PAGE.
Please tell me IF you know how I can make
one like this! I am so frustrated in not knowing.

My website is going to have over 100 pages in it
and I want a drop down menu to make it easier
for people to navigate my website.

Thanks so much for your help!


how to add drop down menu for this template?

else please give a good link to learn drop down menu for css templates

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That site is garbage
tables, java, flash, fixed sizes -content pushes off screen in small browser windows, too slow to load, invalid code.

There is nothing on that site that can't be done better, faster, smaller, browser indepentdent, in css
the google search would be 'vertical drop down css menu download'

I like Dynamic Drive menus

I have to agree with bob, dynamic drive is a really nice starting point, but eventually you going to have to start doing them yourself (either js or css) and you'll notice it's really just a fancy ul

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