I need to implement a search feature on a CD that's comprised of html files. The html files contain names of and links to files (Powerpoint, Excel, PDFs, Video). Most of these files are loaded on the CD. Some are accessible only via the internet.

I'd like to have a simple search feature available on each page that would call up file names/links depending upon what's been entered in the search field. I'd also like to have a drop down menu for narrowing the search--so a search field and drop down menu then "submit" button.

It's been awhile since I've created anything like this. I recall having a form that I plugged keywords into that were associated with the PDF, Powerpoint, Excel, etc. files.

Can anyone suggest a straightforward, free way to do this?

Also, I've created the site that will reside on the CD with Dreamweaver MX.


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No HTML file is going to give you access to the entire contents of the CD. You're going to have to look for another solution. I know there are commerical programs (document management systems) that index and provide search facilities. I don't know about "free" systems.

Do a search for [search]index search CD files[/search]. I did and found this company:


Thanks for your advice. I did look into the software you posted a link for. Looks like they'd do what I want if all the files I have are searchable (some are graphics or video unfortunately).

Do you recommend I post this in a JSP discussion group? Or different technology?



If you want to program this yourself, then you'll need to post in the forum appropriate to whatever software development language you know or use. C#, Java, etc.

Otherwise, perhaps one of the forums in the Tech Talk category, to get advice on these kinds of programs?

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