Hi peeps and thanks for reading. Brilliant responses to my last post and thanks for being so welcoming .... My question is one i cant find any solid reference on . I have a bunch of text that i would like to have styled in the futura font family but as far as i know, yet, there are only the three truly supported fonts as far as web browsers are concerned so i was wondering if i could somehow upload a font to host site and have web browser pull it down and display text on any web browser using that font for text styling.? Sorry for another newb question guys, but cant seem to find exactly this question in the forums either so it may help someoone else in the dark about this , if it ever arises for them. ( i am at the stage where i was just going to use an image but know an image will have issues if a user wanted to resize for instance or for SEO reasons etc . With pre-emptive thanks and thanks again. Yours in awe gruffy321

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With Cufon you can turn your font into a javascript file and use it on any site you like.

There is also Sifr and Flir, but Cufon is my favourite choice.

CSS3 will allow you to embed fonts, but unfortunately it doesn't work in the older browsers. You could have a script that detects the browser and does images for older browsers and CSS3 for the newer ones. Here is a tut for using the embed font capability in CSS3:


Thanks guys , again an amazing and informative response from all. brilliant websit suggestions and great to find out embedding fonts is still an issue with browsers across the board that do not support this. Was starting to wear me down a little due to its complexity. thankyou once again and more than likely not for the last time ! anybody reading these threads, and are not already members, should join here and take note of the prowess and knowledge given out so freely .......... coding for all has become an acheivable task due to this sites helpful ethos. yours in awe gruffy321

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