Hi there friends,

I have created a simple page (just 1 introduction page) for a friend of my father, but I have no motivation at all to generate something more usefull for them.

It has to stay simple, colorful and yet professional.


Could anybody please give me an idea to give that design a bit of a twist so it doesn't look so 1980's ?

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Just an idea, but perhaps make the background fade out into white so it doesn't look like a square box. A logo does absolute wonders and can set the style of the entire site. I might be able to come up with a simple mock design sometime tomorrow - it's 4am now and I can barely think straight. Just do what you did with your vB professional style ;)


I too agree that something needs to be done about the square, my thought are a little different than csgals, since it looks like, to me anyway, that the image in the square is the same as the background (just darker) and since there is so little text, why not just take the BG image and darken the center section with a fade in the edges ? then position the text within the darkened section of the bg. It would IMHO create the same design effect but would create a more seemless intragration, also I would not darken the image as much as it is now, then use a single color text.
Just as a sidenote the second color text is hard to read against present background on my monitor :(
All in all I like the concecpt but just think it needs to be made more intragrated/seemless

Perhaps more dynamic colors could bring it out more.

Hey florinator. :D

Possibly change the light blue text that goes over the water to a different color? At some points the text blends into the water making it difficult to read. Also, what dani said about the background fading into white. Or adding a border around the back image, and making the bgcolor of the page an off-white or eggshell white, would make it look nice. :)

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