ok if ur reading this then u might be intrested in helping me i'am 15 and i'am now starting to get into computers i also just started my site its a clan site for the game street fighter online i did what little i could to make the site good but now i need some help from u i'am not sure if i'am allowed to put the link for my site here but if u want to help me on anything ur good at u could ask me for it and i'll gladly give it to u plz reply ppl i will take any help i can get... thanks...

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i'll like to have a shoutoutbox on. i'll like to have music on the site ( just the beat of a song) and if u could make a banner and a sig for it. and any other things u think is missing or needs to be done..
heres the url http://s11.invisionfree.com/killercarvan

hey i would suggest to change the colors on your site i am not an expert but it's very hard to read


The best advice I can give anyone starting out in web design is to sepnd some time surfing and making notes on the sites that you like and the sites that you don't like. Try to out down in words what makes them appealing to you or what turns you off about them. Then when you start a new design pull up the sites that really stand out (I keep a bookmark list) and use them as inspiration. You will find over time that you will develop your own stlye based on the designs you admire. A word of caution, getting inspiration from someone eles's work does not mean copying their code or design but just getting ideas on what works.

Hope this helps and let us know how it's going I am always willing to help those getting started.

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