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My First Post Jim
I am building a membership site. I created a pay-pal button for my upgrade members. I can't redirect them back to the paid members product page. How can I do that with pay-pal.
I am using Instant Member Software. Does anybody use this membership software. I need some help with a few pages to finish my website. The instant member software installed on my server. Said I could generate a pay-pal button threw there software.
I don't have the expertize to do that yet. Would it be easier to upload the paid members product pages to A Weber and email them after they pay me threw pay-pal. How do I do That . First time using A Weber.
Thank You

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This isn't a html or css topic really, i worked a few times with Paypal.

I assume you've got some kind of paypal module on your webserver. Mostly in the config files, there is a option to enter your linkback url, i mean the page were the will be redirected to when they made the payment.

I also suggest you fire this issue in the paypal forums itself.

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