I have a picture that I would like the plug at the end of the G grow when you mouse over it. I have tried making 3 images and am unable to make it work. Can anyone assist on what I can do? I am using CS4 to do this. Here is the link, with a sort of description of what I am looking for.

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okiz.. crete a movieclip and use the OnRollOVer And OnRollOut events to control your movie clip.. or simple you can create a button and put your stuff under its pre created events :)


Hi jreddick82 ,

Here with I have attached a file for your reference. Make your change whatever you want to your scenario. But it looks nice with an animation instead of just a display. Cool!

The script used here is AS2.0 is not a difficult one to change to AS3.0. Here I have just used a onRollOver & onRoolOut.

In AS3.0:hit_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MouseOver, onOver);
hit_btn.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MouseOut, onOut);

And write the function for both, Just check the syntax of AS3.0


You need to know how to create animated gif files using Fireworks. It's way cheaper to hire professionals to do it as it costs anywhere from 25-50USD for one.

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