kindly recommend sites where i can download web, graphics ebooks & software.

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Hmm, I wont get onto the topic of legality so . . .

Despite being a C++ programmer by trade nowadays, I still mess with Flash rather a lot. So one of the main bits of free web development software I've been using lately is Flashdevelop ( which is free open source software (Windows only) for creating flash content. If you download the Adobe Flex3 SDK (from Adobe, also free) you can use Flashdevelop to create flash movies in AS3....Beats the hell out of paying through the nose for Flash CS4!

Alongside creating flash movies, I also use Flashdevelop as my main HTML/CSS/Javascript editor...So there's no need to fork out for Dreamweaver either!

If you download the latest Papervision3D AS3 library ( you can also easily create 3D content in flash.

I use Blender ( and Google Sketchup (from Google) for creating 3D models to use in my papervision flash projects.

Inkscape (, GIMP ( and Paint.NET ( are my image editors of choice (for photo/gfx editing and texturing). All top quality free open source software...Again, eliminating the need to shell out for Photoshop, Illustrator or Fireworks!

I also use Python ( for writing Blender scripts and for general system tools.

Oh and Audacity ( for editing audio files.

So there's a list of free legal software that can be used for web-dev stuff.

As for tutorials, I find that google is my best friend there...Can't say that there are any sites I visit regularly for tutorials!

Hope this is of some help.

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