I am trying to embed a font into a page and it seems to work just fine on all browsers except Firefox on both Mac and PC. When I host the font on the same domain, it works fine but if I host the fonts on another domain, it will not load the fonts. Has anyone encountered a similar problem and know of any solution? Thanks!

- Matt

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What technique are you using? @font-face?

>When I host the font on the same domain, it works fine

OK, so host it on the same domain. Problem with that?

Yes, I'm using @font-face.

Hosting on the same domain isn't really an option in this case. Believe me, I wouldn't be trying to make this work if I could do that.

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Fair enough. This was a page I came across a while ago when experimenting with ff on FF! There's a section on 'local' keyword. Don't know if this will help.


Thanks, appreciate the resource.

It's a security violation. Firefox has a setting to keep pages from redirecting to harmful sites.

I'm curious how typekit.com gets around that. Because you include some javascript that pulls fonts from their server.

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It ain't free :(

Oh I know its not free, but I was just wondering from a technical perspective. Obviously its possible since they do it.

Cool, this looks like it could work. Thanks!

can be done with a special htaccess file. google it.

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