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you have to login as administrator and go for administrator panel and there is a component to add,modify,able and disable...


Hi, Joomla come with its own banner extension, click on the components menu and choose banner, the trick is that you first have to create a category.
One you have done so, you can go ahead an create as many banners as you want.

That's all.


Sorry, and then go to Extensions->module manager->new, select banner and click the next button, now you just have to choose a banner's category and the client, and of course dont forget to specify the position (left by default )you want your module to show up in. if you only want it to show up in the frontpage, make sure you deselect the other menu items.



First you hav a admin details. so first u go to admin login and u can see left sidebar click on the appearance box and click on the header link, u can see the location from the banner and browse it..

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