Hey DaniWeb!

I'm having a small problem with my HTML DIV positioning, and was hoping you could help me. I cannot get my DIV's to float against each other in a column format. They just want to go down on the page, which is not the look I am attempting. I have read the Learn CSS Positioning in Ten Steps article @ http://www.barelyfitz.com/screencast/html-training/css/positioning/, but this does not help a big amount.

In short Column A and Column B should be in the same row (if that makes scene).

Here is the webpage on my server: http://drafts.thatcompdude.com/rgbWAVE/


div#div1-b {

Remove 'height: 200px' with 'height: auto'. Or use 'overflow' property to control the overflow contents.

div#div1-b {
         /* This declaration hide the overflow contents */
         overflow: hidden;
         /* This declaration show the overflow contents */
         overflow: visible;
         /* This declaration will show with the scrollbar when the contents are flow out of layer */
         overflow: auto;

Good luck..

OK, thanks! This works (fairly) well now, and I will possibly be trying other things with this.