Hey yo developers outta there.

Mine is a simple question as this:

How could I create rotation for IE? I know there's the filter function for this, but that can't rotate 45 degrees.
So, if it is necessary I change my css rotate technics, to a jQuery or something.
Now here the only problem is, that I don't find solution for jQuery div rotation, only for images.

Anybody could help me out please? It is very important since 24% of users in my country uses IE, and without rotation the page looks like s**t.

Thanks for the support :)

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Only 24%?? If that was true of my web stats, I'd give up on IE and tell all my visitors to do the same. Bliss!

Anyway. What are you using now? Want to share your code? Does this work in FF, Chrome, Safari and Opera, but not in IE?


Yeah @ardav exactly. only in IE don't. I simply use css's
-webkit-transform: rotate(-45deg);
-moz-transform: rotate(-45deg);
-o-transform: rotate(-45deg);

And as we can be sure:
-ms-transform:rotate(-45deg) doesn't exist... )

So I have to do it with jQuery, but uncertain how?


I don't have nothing to do with that. As I said, I need 45 degrees rotation in IE too...


>I don't have nothing to do with that. As I said, I need 45 degrees rotation in IE too...

Well, I'm sorry you feel like that. If you followed a link on that page, you'd find this:


A universal implementation of this rotation can be seen here:


the filter/matrix solution is ONLY for IE, so it won't mess with any other browsers. I got it to work, there again, it's up to you if can be bothered with it.

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I still don't get it. Sorry but amn't exactly sure with js and stuff.
Could you please help me more?
For example generate the code if isn't too hard?

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