Hi everyone, I'm working on a website and need some help. I'm really not experienced with this stuff and I'm using wix with some borrowed html snippets. I wanted to use a vectorized image as a background that would scale to fit the browser on any screen as best as it could based on the aspect ratio. The thing is, I only have the files as eps and ai files. I have to crop some of the files and export them as svg files, but I haven't found any program that will let me do that in one go. I've tried inkscape, GIMP, scribus, and openoffice Draw, but I can't get any of them to work. How can I efficiently crop and export files as svg files? Also, general tips on web-design relating to using "scalable" backgrounds would be appreciated. I didn't know where to post this, but if Python can help me with this, please tell! I can do a few things with the language. Thanks!

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A lot of related questions in the sidebar, so you'll have plenty to read.

Thanks pritaeas. The link you provided helps with embedding images. I was more concerned with getting the images I have in the svg format. Any ideas on how I can convert eps and ai files to svg files? I'm really not in the know about this stuff, so a relatively small step-by-step would be really helpful if you could. Thanks!

Im confused. If you have images saved as adobe illustrator, you can I think save them as svg files.

Here is the documentation.

I'm not using any Adobe program. I'm only using the programs I've listed above and none of them seem to be able to get the job done. :/

Here is a link I think on how to convert ai files to svg. I didnt investigate it much, but it would seem to be what your needing.

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