Hi All,
I am giving blink option in html, but its not giveing any output. my cde is
<blink>February, 2008</blink>. I am checking in Internet Explorer.

Can u help anyone.

Cheers:- KavithaKesav

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There is no blink option in HTML. If you want text to blink you'll either have to use CSS (not sure if that actually is supported by all browsers) or JavaScript.

Blink? What a throwback. Why don't you try the Marquee element.

Just kidding. The "Blink" element was a Netscape element created as a joke I think. It's almost never used anymore and I am not even sure what browsers support it.

In the CSS 1 specification there is a text-decoration: blink; but it isn't supported by IE.

You can do it using Javascript.

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