Anyone tryed Joomla as shopping cart script?

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Anyone tryed Joomla as shopping cart script?

I've setup Joomla websites with Virtuemart and they make a great combination. There are other ecommerce solutions that are probably fine too, but the sites I setup were very large, so Virtuemart was needed.

For some good reasons to go with Joomla, see the articles and video at

Interesting reading... thanks..... but regretfully as far as do not start to code and manage hard to get a fair opinion.

Not sure I understand, but as far as a "fair opinion", I have no stake in Joomla; Joomla is open-source and absolutely and totally FREE of charge (as is Virtuemart). I've built probably 100 websites with Joomla and at least that many from scratch and a dozen or so with Virtuemart.

What in the world could possibly be "unfair" about my opinion?

hello peeps , please where can i get e-commerce template that looks exacly like this
pls help me asap

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