I am editing the css code of an existing script, Docebo.

The problem is all the browsers I have tried do no give me a quick updated view on the css style. That is it still shows me the old css sheet and so I cannot see the changes quickly. I was wondering if this is client side or server side issue and would like to know the best way to overcome it.


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Hi Friend,

You are getting this problem because of cashed copy of webpage.

Try to refresh the page with F5 button or refresh button in browser.

Personally I would like to suggest you to use Firebug add-on in Firefox, or if you are using chrome then right click on page and select Inspect element.

This will let you change the css and see the effect on page in browser.

I hope this would be helpful.


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Are all your pages being cached? Some apps have a cache folder. In order for changes to templates and styles to appear, the cache needs to be purged (delete cache files).

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