I am working on my web site and I ran into a peculiar problem... it seems that UTF-8 .php is creating some layout problems for me. Is this possble?

I am creating the website in 2 version fully identical, except that one in chinese and the other in english. The one in english is in ANSI, and the chinese is in UTF-8. (not UTF-8 BOM). I use Notepad++ to type html/php directly into text files.

1. user goes to page e.g. about.php
2. about.php check session variable for "cn" or "en"
3. Include() the page form the approperiate directory eg. cn/about.php or en/about.php
4. cn/about.php or en/about.php subsequently includes() other content from the sam directory.
5. both cn and en version share same css script in the root directoy.

With the only difference being the encoding (and the meta lang information), the cn navigation div is extra-padded.

see http://sandbox.desk.vuox.com
EDIT: this link will not show the problem until http://www.daniweb.com/forums/post1317671.html#post1317671 is solved. Please help if you can.. please please... T_T

I have solved the problem myself.

The reason is because there is another flavour of UTF-8 encoding which includes BOM (whatever that is) which adds extra byte information which will confuse the web browser and cause layout/display/text problems.