I made uploaded 1 set of website sites to different domains (and server) using filezilla. The code is all manually typed using Notepad++.

Now, one site jttech.com.hk show the chinese text, but the other sandbox.desk.vuox.com shows ????????

see http://sandbox.desk.vuox.com/index.php and http://jttech.com.hk/ top right corner, the language selector.

Anyone knows why? This is freaking frustrating!

Thanks for your help.

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Can't see any chinese on jttech.com.hk.

Have you used the correct language metas?

Even when you choose ?? (lang option) on the sandbox, the pages are still in English. I switched encoding on my browser to Chinese, but no change.

Ensure that you have saved as UTF-8 format in Notepad++. I think the default is ANSI. This is *probably* your problem.

Thanks ardav,

I just removed the language selector from jttech.com.hk that's why you did not see it. Because it was a live website, I later thought could not just leave it half done and so I removed it.

The problem remains -- I set UTF-8 encondiing on Notepad++ already...

On sandbox.desk.vuox.com if you click ?? on the language, it will show the chinese version. The chinese text is in ??????????????????.
The rest are still in english.

I also notice that if I start with an ANSI file > convert it to UTF-8 > append the same chunk of existing html to the same file by manual typing in (not copy + paste), the two chunk of idenitcal code will appear different in the brower. I will investigate this further...

In the meantime, other the UTF-8 encoding, is there any other possibility?

I have solved the problem myself.

The reason is because there is another flavour of UTF-8 encoding which includes BOM (whatever that is) which adds extra byte information which will confuse the web browser and cause layout/display/text problems.

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