Where do you secure a website? Is it done one the host or is it done at design time, or both. And how do you do it. Thnx

Well I think that there are many ways of website security, Many Web forms include some JavaScript data validation. If this validation includes anything meant to provide improved security, that validation means almost nothing, we can also try to make different session for the security, Without the proper web site security, web site files and data can easily be changed, damaged or stolen, and the integrity of the company compromised.

Where do you secure a website?

Are you referring to securing directories/content against outside viewing? Or are you talking about a secure (read: SSL) connection?

If you're talking about content protection there's a number of approaches that can be taken from physically password protecting directories to masking directory locations and setting up password/login pages with indirect links to content and others. Some of this can be set up on the provider end, many times these will be 'adjustable' through the user control panel they provide you.

If you're talking about setting up secure connection (SSL) then you need to purchase an SSL Certificate (usually via your provider since it is server specific).

Without knowing specifically what you are looking for, unfortunately, can't be more specific in the help provided.