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I have a few websites but they seem to appear differently in different browsers... how can i prevent this?

This is an issue called "cross-browser compatibility". Shortly, the reasons are:

- Different browsers interpret the code of your websites differently and show a different result

- In addition, your websites' code might use some features that are not widely supported, and/or have some invalid code that different browsers handle differently


- Post your actual issues here, for many things there are quick'n easy fixes.

LONG-TERM SOLUTION (if you develop websites yourself):

- Websites have to be developed with cross-browser compatibility in mind. Same goes for revamping existing websites. In fact, more and more people surf using mobile devices, so for many websites caring about them has now also became a must. You can check in your website statistics is number of mobile users significant enough to start caring.

Get familiar with these issues, as coping with them is integral part of web development to which no website is immune, including the biggest ones.

LONG-TERM SOLUTION (if you only own and run websites):

Never accept the work from the developer until you tested it to be fully functional in all major browsers. As website owner, it's good to have installed all actual browsers - Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera.

You want to take special care that your websites render well in different versions of still dominant Internet Explorer. As you cannot have different versions of IE installed on your computer, you can use this neat free tool to check out how it looks in all of them:



If you aim for total perfection, you can google for:

cross browser compatibility testing

and choose from a number of services that allow you to see how your
websites look in each browser, each version and on each platform known to men:)

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