I would like to create a non-flash slide show with sound. One sound file will need to go with each photo because it will be a person explaining the slide.

What would you recommend using to create this? Would each slide be a separate HTML page? Could this be programmed to automatically move to the next page when the audio is finished playing? Would it be better to make the user click a Next button instead?

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You could use meta refreshes and have the sound auto play when the page opens. You would have to set the refresh time manually for the length of the audio, though. I can't give too much help with the audio as I've never done that, but if you put the following in a webpage, it will redirect after the designated time to the specified page.

<head><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="20;url=http://www.google.com/" /></head>

The 20 is number of seconds to refresh, google was just an example of the destination. You can link each page to the next one, and the last one back to the first, if you want.

I don't really like that solution because on slower connections it will take the audio longer to load.

I might consider using flash for the audio (only for the audio). Is there some way I can find out when the audio is finished playing using a flash audio player?

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Why not you do the whole thing in flash? Whether your slide show is static or dynamic images? if its static then its very simple to sink the audio with the slideshow.

>Why not you do the whole thing in flash?

I have this thing against flash, OK? It sucks. I would actually prefer to play the audio without flash as well so that this will work on mobile devices that do not have a flash player.

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Then I recomend javascript or jquery.

if you are working with dreamweaver i find that disjointed rollovers make a great little gallery, i'm not sure about the sound but i imagine you could put it in the same way as long as your sounds are in your root as well as the images. if i run across something more specific about sound i will let you know.

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