I have a very simple html page that loads an embedded object.
It works great in FF and shows nothing in IE.





<object style="">

<embed style="movie" width=100% height=98% src="http://picasna.com/widget/gallery.swf" FlashVars="xmlPath=picasna.com/widget/xml/&an=PlacesIVeBeenPicturesITook&ps=1024&un=effyl01&ts=163&cpad=20&tpad=20&cscheme=0&bt=0&ct=1&nick=1"




I tested the code and it worked fine for me in IE 7.

I tested the code and it worked fine for me in IE 7.

Works for me in IE 8, but I had to un-block activeX scripts.
Could that be your problem ?

I believe there are different versions of shockwave for IE and FF. Check to see if you have the IE plugin.

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Always embed your flash object with swfobject2.2. Need to just fill out all html boxes that will gives you the proper embed code to use in all browsers.

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