Hi all,

Does anyone know of any good tutorial that explains how to set up a website on apache web server. I need it to be in Linux (Ubuntu).

Or if anyone can explain to me how to do it that would be great to :)
all I need to do is display a single .html page. If you can show me how to do it on localhost that would be great, i can figure out the rest from there.


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did you see this?

Ubuntu server stack

Seems that the folks at Ubuntu have a plug n' play LAMP server in the repository, ready to go.
This article also describes how to do apache only. (I don't reccomend that, since you will eventually want PHP and MYSQL anyway.) . At least they will be there, even if you elect not to use them.

Terminal > $tasksel
Choose Lamp Server
and you are ready to go!

just paste your html file to the apache directory (usually var/www)

Thanks guys.. didn't realize it was that easy.

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