Can someone here who has both IE and FireFox tell me what's wrong with my front page? http://www.THYRIUM.com (beware of profanity)

I spent 10 hours adjusting the tables to work on Mac and PC FireFox and now it looks like hell in Explorer.

Dreamweaver spews out screwed code for a past-time...

I'd go through your source and such, but, the noise of your site just gave me a headache... run that dreamweaver site verification crap, or whatever they call it, you've probably got some loose tags floating around in there.

You seriously need to lower the volume on that music - that's just flat-out f****ng RUDE to have it that damn loud.

Or at the very least, include a slidebar with a volume control so people can mute it.


I'll shut the music off. But pleeeeeeease help me. I've hit rock bottom. :(

compress and e-mail me the required files for the main page - hawkeviper AT gmail DOT com

compress and e-mail me the required files for the main page - hawkeviper AT gmail DOT com

OK, I will do that now. What do you mean by 'required files'?

Sorry for not knowing. :(

.css files, any ssi's that you call... that sort of stuff

ok, i sent my index files... I am not aware of any .ssi files.

I think I should come clean...
This page was once my old vBulletin login page. Before I switched to Invision board, I saved this page. When I restored it, it wouldn't login (duh), so I had a php guru freind tweak the files.

So that's the history of my front page.
If you see stuff that serves no purpose, or scres things up... That's why.

Righto... I'll speak with you via e-mail.

thank you, HawkeVIPER for breaking my site... lol. Good job. ;)

*dies laughing* You're welcome =P. I'll do the rest of the mods tomorrow, I'm too tired to do shit right now.

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