Hi I was trying to create a template for a client's site Im working on.

What I need is to be able to create a form so that someone can enter data such as page title, product name, prices, meta-keywords/description, and the like. Ive used forms many times, but stickly to either display database info, or for search databases.

For a more specific example. I would have this form created. The data entry person would enter all the required data and click submit. The form action would create the new page. Or I could just have a template I suppose and the data would be entered then the template saved as a new file.

Another problem I can see is the shopping cart. He needs to be able to pass around 8 variables such as product name, product number, price, weight, and dimensions for shipping. I would love to be able create in input for these variables as well

Not sure this is all possible, but would love some feedback/ideas from anyone.

Thanks again!

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You can use a shopping cart software to do this easily. There are many free ones out there, like oscommerce etc.


I'm not coding a shopping cart. I'm creating a template to allow no coders to create new html pages.

The issue is how to deal with a static hard coded shopping cart form. The cart form input values change from product page to product page, so there needs to be a way, if possible, to change the input values of the cart form.

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