Hi I'm creating a simple template for a client. One element they have on their page is a form for their third party shopping cart. This form passes about 15 variables in order to calculate shipping weight, dimensions, and all the standard specs a cart would need...ie.. item number/name and so forth. My question is, whats the best way to make this form an editable region? I want to be able to edit each form variable when creating different pages from the template. It seems when I try to make each <input> field editable and then try to type something in this regoin, then the input and everything is replace with static text. I tried to just surround the value attribute itself with an editable regoin, but that didnt seem to work either.

Am I going about this wrong? Whats the best method for something like this? Thanks for any ideas and suggestions in advance!

So, what you have is a template that you would like edited for each item with the statistics of each item? and how will you be doing by hand or with a cms of some sort?

Sorry for got I posted this. I have since resolved this issue. Marking solved.