I have made a flash xml / feeds reader which reads feeds from my blog. When i checked it in Flash Environment it worked correctly but as soon as I uploaded it to the server it doesnot load anything. I cannot get what the problem actually is. Thanks in advnace for your support.
Feed Reader URL : Rss Reader
Blog URL : Learn Flash
Homepage URL : Syed Qarib (Here I want to put the rss reader)

I suspect this could be a flashplayer security related issue.

Open up your .fla and take a look at the publish settings ('file->publish settings' in the main menu).
When the publish settings dialog appears, click on the flash tab and check the setting of the 'Local playback security' field.
If it is currently set to 'Access local files only', you should try setting it to 'Access network only'.
OK the dialog to close it, save your .fla and then re-compile/re-export your .swf and upload the .swf to your server before testing it.

Note: After making this change your .swf might not work locally from within the flash environment, but it should work when it is uploaded to a server!
Try it and let me know how you get on!

Cheers for now