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These are the Steps to Follow :
Press (Ctrl+F8) to create a new symbol.
"Create New symbol" window will appear
Name your symbol cursorNew.
Click on movieclip behavior and then press "OK"
Now you would have entered your movieclip symbol
Draw anything you like to replace the existing cursor.
For example I drew an arrow as shown below
Now come back to "Scene 1" which is your main movie
To get back to "Scene 1", click on the "Scene 1" text on top of your timeline window as shown in the figure below
In "Scene 1" of your Main Movie
Drag your cursorNew movieclip symbol from library onto your stage.
If Library window is not open, Press (Ctrl+L).
Name this Symbol "cursornew" in the instance text box of your property window.
Select 1st Frame of your "Layer1". Go to Actionscript panel ( If your actionscript panel is not open, Press "F9")
With Frame1 of your layer 1 still being selected, type the below mentioned script in your action panel.


thats all .....Press Ctrl+Enter to view customized cursor
Its your friend

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