This is my page with only the header row of the table:

When I start adding rows, everything looks good, until I add row 13. Here is an example:

You can see the header (the grey box) "wiggles" just a little bit. I thought there may have been an invalid character or something in the 13th row, but as a test I duplicated the 12th row and the wiggle still happens!

Surely this doesn't have anything to do with the number of rows, but can anyone see what else may be going wrong?



If by "wiggles" you mean that it moves to the left, the reason is that when you get upto line 13 it becomes taller that the window, and a right scrollbar appears causing the page to move a drop to the left...

Ohhhh, I see it now. Is there a way to force a page display the scroll bar even if it isn't long enough to need to scroll? It seems silly that if I click a link from one page that is short to go to a page that is long that the page would shift like this, doesn't it?


Yeps, in your CSS put by the 'body' tag 'overflow: scroll', that's it...

If you want to just put a left scroll bar, or only bottom then do 'overflow-y: scroll' or 'overflow-x: scroll' respectively

Perfect - thanks!

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