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At the top of the page? Can you provide a screenshot of where it is on your page and where you would like it?



First of all the class name needs to be enclosed in 'quotes (")', second you have to explain yourself a bit more


Sorry for the lack of details, I am new to this and really didn’t know how to explain it. I have a multi-page registration form. When I click the button to go to the next page, it opens up in the middle or bottom of the next page. Obviously I would like it to go to the top of the next page so people don’t fail to fill in some of the fields. I was told by another individual all I had to do is edit that line of code to align to the top of the page since that is the link to open the next page………I don’t know if that is correct or not? I’ll post the portion of the code that is between two of the pages (I can post more if needed).

Thanks for all your help with this.

<!-- next page buttons --><li class="mainForm">
					<input type=button onClick="if (validatePage1()) { collapseElem('mainForm_1'); expandElem('mainForm_2');}" class="mainForm" value="Go to page 2"/>	
		<!-- close the display stuff for this page -->
<ul class=mainForm id="mainForm_2">

Please post the complete markup or a link to your test page. Simply telling us you want it at the top could mean several things, and wastes everyone's time.

Regards, Arkinder

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