Hey pple if you have css 5 pliz send it to me via ma gmail SNIP Very thankful

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Rep hit caused by request for pirated software
dodgy question badly written borderline keep it legal breach
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This makes no sense. CSS is a web designing language.. You mean CS5 and distributing CS5 without permission is illegal. So I don't think this is the best place to come asking for this.


Or he could mean the CSS-5 medium-range ballistic missile, although that's a bit hard to send via email... >;-)

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Hey pple if you have css 5 pliz send it to me via ma gmail SNIP Very thankful

Assuming you mean CS5, which is commercial software, I suggest you read our rules which clearly state: Do not ask about obtaining pirated software.

Perhaps you would care to clarify?


This is not the correct way you are asking. if you need any help you want to hire a particular expert and get your work done


I had the exact same problem. I needed CS5 urgently also. So I went to www.adobe.com and purchased it, and the problem was completely solved.

Unfortunately that caused new problems: how to learn all the programs. That problem will not be so easy to solve!


Go on, someone send him a 600mb file of plain text...
Might fill and close his mail box...

Ah, just noticed he wanted it to gmail, so it wouldn't.
unless we ALL sent him a file

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Hi guys av jus been given adobe cs4 by our lab tech. Thanx nway. So sorry for wanting to pirate.

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