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Hello everyone!
I'm building a small web-site (for a restaurant) and I made photo gallery using Flash (it has a lot of .as files, and attaches images using XML). The problem is embedding this gallery into my site. I'm using Dreamweaver, and I inserted it as .swf file but I can't see any images.
When I run swf alone it works great. Do I need to include this XML files into my site??
I made gallery via the video tutorial, and I have this .js file (named RunActiveContent) which I also included in my site.
Can anyone help me please?

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You have to include all the relevant files (ex: XML & image folders) into your site, just past it into the folder that you have the swf file. Thats it. If it is a component then may be they given any configuration for xml?

Actually it loads the swf properly in the embedded html right? or it does not recognize the player?. Better show your source or the page?

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Great, I solved the problem in the meanwhile (daniweb was like offline yesterday so I couldn't answer), thanks for your help. I figured that XML and swf shold be in the same folder as the page source code. I shall mark this as solved ;)

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