I would like to know how to do it and request for help with a small form and the following validatin.

I wold like to have a validation in which the form is submitted and if the for mis not validated i would like to change the color of the text or any similiar effect with the other enterd values retained.

Is this possible? would anyone share with me how this could be done.

Thanking you in advance, I remain


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I would suggest that you define a CSS class for erroneous form elements. Then in your validation script, alter the class for elements that didn't pass. The validation function should simply "return false" to cancel the form submission. The form data will be retained automatically.


I do have an average knoweldge of this combination.I would like to learn and use it for my need.Would you mind (I should not be asking so) if you could give me a form with one label and input element and the css part of the file ,It would be great help as i could learn and build my form on that logic.

Hope you find me reasonable and oblige

Wishing you a nice time


Yes, that's a perfectly reasonable request. Others may feel freel to chime in with an example... if not, then I'll work something up this weekend.


Thanks a lot and I would hold off this for I would like to use yours logic.

Thanking you once again for the consideration and concern and wishing you a nice weekend , i remain


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